Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk: Is AR bad for your back?

Is AR bad for your back?

Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back.  I had to go to the doctor as I was in insufferable pain.  I woke up and felt a little pull on my back, but with a busy day full of meeting I didn't give it a second thought.  By 12 noon I was at the doctors office.

I have spent so much time in AR reading, writing and learning that my back is reveling and telling me to go out more often.

How did I get there?  Well, I was trying to get to 10,000 points and to do that I have commited my self to write at least 5 blogs per week and comment on 10 posts minimum per day.  It takes me several days to come up with ideas for a blog, and a few hours to write it.  As you all can tell English is not my first language.  So, I write read and re-read to make sure is as good as I can make it.

I spend at least three hours in AR.  Not all at once, but I figure by the time I am done I spent that much per day.

I have learned so much information all of it for FREE (thanks everyone for being so generous with your information) that I am also revamping the whole way that I do bussines.   Today, I am sending an invitation to my chiropractor, and asking him to write a blog for people who spend lots of time in front of the computer.  I know he does seminars.

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Comment balloon 8 commentsTere Rottink • March 11 2009 10:24AM


Tere - Welcome to the club!  I think you are doing a great job! Keep a little notebook to carry with you to jott down blog ideas as they come. 

Posted by Naoma Doriguzzi, New Media Director (Virginia Beach) about 10 years ago

Naoma:  Great idea.  I wil do.  Thanks,

Posted by Tere Rottink (CoastalVa Realty Inc) about 10 years ago

Good luck with your back....that sounds horrible!  I am now on the same mission, and hope I don't find myself in the doctor's office!!

Posted by Cameron Foster (The Property Network - Stamford, CT) about 10 years ago


I too have suffered with back pain.....a big bag of ice is the only thing that really know the bag of cubed ice you put in a cooler for a picnic...yes the whole thing till I went numb...brrrr....

I have to be careful too....just remember to stretch....and maybe as Naoma said, write down ideas as you go....or maybe you could dictate into a tape recorder....

You must be doing something right though....see a little gold star...something I don't think I will ever see...but what the heck...I am having a blast!

Posted by Lori Churchill Cofer, Realtor - 509-330-0086 - Pullman, WA (Beasley Realty) about 10 years ago

I'm spending about 2 hours a day here but do Billy Blanks "core moves" (from Tae Bo) while sitting and reading.  I think that is better than sitting still the entire 2 hours.

Posted by Wendy Welborne-Kimery (Keller Williams-Lake Norman Mooresville,NC) about 10 years ago

Hi Terre:

I threw my back out in my late 20's and it has never been the same!  I use to have problems sleeping through the night until I did this:


No I am not joking.  My desk chair is a ball!  Sitting on a ball definetly relieved my back pain and allowed me to sleep through the night again.  The ball forces you to sit up a little straighter, and move around more while sitting.  It sounds corny but it works.  Immediately after switching to the ball I was able to sleep through the night again!

In the last 8 years of my mortgage company, I did not advertise.  I obtained all my business by referrals.  The first thing clients said when they came to my office to meet me was usually: "I heard you sit on a ball".  It is a great ice breaker and conversation starter.

This is the ball I use: Thera-Band Exercise Ball

It says on that link that my ball (85 cm) is for people who are 6'9" tall.  Don't believe them!  I am only 5' 10" and it is perfect for me.  One of my employees who is about 5'4" ish preferred the blue ball (75 cm) and that link says the blue ball is for people 6'2" to 6'8".  My advice is to go into your local gym and ask them if you can check out their exercise balls.  Sit on each one and pick the size that is comfortable for you!

Speaking of ideas for a post . . .  (insert chuckle here) check it out here!

Posted by Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert (National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro) about 10 years ago

Cameron:  I look forward to reading your first blog.

Lori:  I am trying magnets, but next will be ice.  If I could repeat that feat would be wonderfull. The star I mean.

Wendy and Matt:  Great advice.  My daughter has an exercise ball that never gets use.  I will give it a try. 

Now, If anyone else has suggestions, they are welcome.

Posted by Tere Rottink (CoastalVa Realty Inc) about 10 years ago

I spend hours at the computer and make a point to keep my lap top elevated so that I can keep good posture.  If not, my neck starts to hurt and my traps ache. 

I have a section in my palm pilot where I put blog ideas.  I use to think "oh I'll have to write about that tonight", but then I forget my idea later on.  A smart phone or PDA is a great place to put those ideas and save them for a day when your home sick for the day and need something to do while drinking your chicken soup.

Posted by Jim Cheney, Rincon Valley Realtor 707.494.1055 (Saint Francis Property Santa Rosa, CA) about 10 years ago

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