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The business photo

The real estate business photo...

I was reading a featured blog yesterday regarding real estate agent pictures.  Grandma atTere Rottink 30?   I have been feeling guilty about my business picture almost from the time I took it, since I put on a lot of weight right after.  I have only had one person tell me I don't look at all like on my pictures.  From that moment on, whenever I am going to meet a new client that I know has seen my picture, I let them know that I hGlamour shots photo 3ave put on a lot of weight.   I could consider taking another picture, but I paid $500 for this one.  How I ended up paying so much for it is a ridiculous story on it's own, but  I spent the money and by golly I am going to use that picture.
I received a coupon on the mail from Glamour Shots for about $15.  What a bargain I thought.  I should have done my research first, but I just showed up with a couple of business suits, and they proceeded to put on make-up on me for about half hour until it was my turn with the pho
tographer.  At the time that I was there changing, I saw several changes on other clients, and they were all personal pictures and the usual hat Glamour shots pose that we have all seen in peoples homes.  Lots of lace and jewelery should let you know..... 
I don't think my young photographer had much experience with  business photos, so I
ended up coming up with the poses.  I just did things that I had seen on advertising of other agents on the magazines.
When I was done, they sat me in front of the computer and a sales girl showed me the shots.  53 shots, and in most of them I looked terrible.  I de
cided on 7 of them, and I figured that I would use them in separate marketing campaings.  By the time we got to the price, I almost had a heart attack.  The minimum purchase was $100 orGlamour shots photo 2 $150, I can't remeber.  But I could get any other for $100 plus the originals for me to use at my disposal.   I walked away with 5 photos and a $500 bill.  In hind sight, I should have just got the one picture and walk away, but some how I really had my mind set on five of them.   All this time I have thought that I look very profesional and that I am very photogenic, but in conversation with my daughter (the sweetest girl in the world) today, she told me, she didn't like the picture because it made my nose look to big.  Up until today, I never thought I had a big nose.  Now it looks like half my face. That ends the story of my business photo..Update:  After re-reading this post, I was strongly encouraged to loose weight.  I am happy to say that I have lost all the weight and a little extra.  Thanks to Denise Austin and all her Yoga and pilates DVDs.  It has taken me several months, but I will soon be back at my healthy 4-6 size.  Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!..


Glamour shots photo 4


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Tere, looks like they got some good ones!  I've always thought that the blue background was a giveaway that it was a Glamor Shot. 

Posted by Patricia Kennedy, Home in the Capital (RLAH Real Estate) about 9 years ago

UGH!  Mine is from '04 (when I was still in my 20's) and I've been putting off getting a new/updated furnishing, I don't need the "recognition" factor so much, but it would probably help to put a name to the face on my website....I just HATE going for photos, much like your Glamour Shots experience!

Sharon Lord
Argent Decor
AZ Vacation Home Furnishing Service

Posted by Sharon Lord, New Home Advisor (Maracay Homes) about 9 years ago

Maybe I dont know much about pictures, but they look good to me.  I got 4 pictures and one shoot from a professional and it was less than $200.

Posted by Phil Stevenson, CRMP, "Mortgage Nerd" in Miami, Florida and Texas (PS Mortgage Lending 305-791-4874 or 888-845-6630) about 9 years ago

With digital cameras, it's so easy to have someone take pics of you and edit, even the background can be changed.  there's really no reason to spend so much money on photos any more.

Posted by Jeff Craig, Greensboro Area Real Estate Photography (Hang Me Up Photos) about 9 years ago

I just called a local photographer to update mine, and I just have a new hairstyle...

Posted by Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate) about 9 years ago

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