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Musings at the end of the school year.

Kids in school libraryAnother school year is finished.  I think about this time of the year and can look Burn man- quemar el ano viejo- burn last yearback at it the same way that we look at  the end of the year.  For year end we think of the things that we did or didn’t accomplished.  In some parts of Colombia, my home country, People burn a stuffed man as in a metaphor of burning old man last year to welcome the New Year.  

This school year my son finished Elementary School, moved from being a cub scout to a boy scout,Boy sout bridging- Chesapeake Park he is now taller than me, and now I am the shortest person in my family ( It doesn’t take much as I am pretty short. ) 

This past year my daughter wore make up for the first time, went to her 15 year old learning to drive.   VA Chesapeake- roadfirst danceRing Dance-Chesapeake Schools- Chesapeake living and decided to learn another language ( not Spanish, which she already takes at school but Korean.  She loves all things Korean.)  She has also picked up another instrument and almost got straight A’s.  She is also learning to drive.   I love hearing her practice her violin.   I just finished re-reading Harry Potter, and I couldn’t help but think of Valerie when they describe Hermione and how she always has to do the right thing. 

I have had my worst year financially since I started working, but once I decided to reinvent my business I have relaxed, as I know that things will change and all to soon I will be very busy.  In the mean time, I have decided to enjoy so many blessings that have come my way.  I have wonderful friends and wonderful loving relatives.   My kids are such good kind kids that try so hard to do what is good and right that I couldn’t be prouder.  I have decided to go on a diet and shed the extra weight that I put on while I was so stressed with real estate. ( I will share my before and after pictures in a few months ) My wish for all you parents out there and those who will be parents one day, and those who have chosen not to be parents is that life is short and it is our choice to concentrate on what our life is missing or what we already have.  It is our choice to be happy or not. 

My father passed away a year ago this month, and the more time passes the more I wish I had visited him more often while he was alive.  Maria Teresa Morales Carreno, Camilo Morales Cancino, I am grateful for him having been a part of my life, and every morning before I put my feet on the floor I give thanks for it all.  Good and bad.



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Musings at the end of the school year.
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