Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk: June 2009

Virginia Beach.. beaches: Sandbridge is my favorite beach.

                           Sandbridge looking at the VB Boardwalk

                                           Sandbridge is my favorite beach

We are very lucky to live in an area were we are surrounded by beaches.  I have visited several of them, but by far my favorite is Sandbridge.

is located in the southern part of Virginia Beach.  Between
the Virginia Beach oceanfront and Sandbrige you find two military bases.  US Navy Amphibious Base and Damn Neck Combat Training center. 

There are no hotels in this beach, but like most waterfronts you will find million dollar beach rentals.  There are a couple  stores, and this past beach day I saw  a new small restaurant.  I have been going to Sandbridge for the past 15 years. Baby at the beach. Vacant home in stilts It used to be a wonderful little beach with average houses, and I remember back then there was a lot for sale on the waterfront for $75,000. 

The water can get pretty rough; there was an occasion when I was holding my then 1 year old baby by the end of the water, when a wave came over and knock me down.  My daughter slipped off my hands. I almost lost my heart in the process too.   We used to go in front of some vacant houses, and there were no lifeguards close by, but after this incident I started sitting as close as I could to the lifeguards.

Beach Bath- Sandbridge beach- Virginia Beach VAThere are public bathrooms and showers.  You want to carry whatever you will need for the day with you, as there is the convenience store and the restaurant, but not much more.  As any tourist place every thing is overpriced. 

The route to go to Sandbridge is very colorful.  There are beautiful vistas, and a few fruit stands.  There are also a few restaurants and places where you can buy fresh seafood, and live crabs.   I grew up in the mountains, so eating fresh seafood happened very seldom in my life, before we moved to The Tidewater area or Hampton Roads.   One time I stopped to buy a bushel of crabs and asked the store owner what was less painful for the crabs: boiling them in water, or to freeze them.  His answer “ I don’t know, you would have to ask them your self.”  I know it was a dumb question, but he made me laugh with his answer, and the realization of my stupid question. 

Little Island park is at the end of Sandpiper Road.  There is public parking where you pay Little Island Park - sign - City of Virginia Beach VA$5.00 for the day.  Cold showers and bathrooms available.  Pavillions where  you can reserve for special occasions.  The sign mentions False Cape, a gorgeous park that I got to visit last year. ( Next in my series regarding parks)                





             Sandbridge island Beach Restaurant and Convinience store


                                                     Sanbridge Island Beach - waterview


                                                                              Sunrise at Sandbridge beach- VA Norfolk Virginia BeachPhotos   Courtesy of "Oak Moon Photography"



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Virginia Beach.. beaches: Sandbridge is my favorite beach.
Sandbridge is my favorite beach We are very lucky to live in an area were we are surrounded by beaches. I have visited several of them, but by far my favorite is… more
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